The Mobile

I have been working on my mobile station for some time. Eventually I would like to have the ability to record YouTube videos for my channel doing signal hunting and decoding. The plan is to use a pc and OBS software in the trunk which would be controlled from my Android head unit.

The SDR hardware allows me to easily analyze signals on the go.

My mobile station currently has:

2x Nooelec SDRs
A 12v to 5v step down transformer to power my RCA Cambio 10.1″ windows tablet (APRS/SDR software/Trunk Tracking etc)
An icom Ic-2000H for APRS
Motorola Spectra VHF Analog/P25
TYT 9000D 220
Motorola GTX 902
XTS 5000 Model 3/XTVA for UHF
Uniden BC780XLT Scanner remotely controlled on the tablet via serial
Generic Android stereo head unit for RF analyzer/ADS-B/OBS control/etc

I keep a few mast poles in the mobile for portable HF operation as well as my dual band yagi for satellite operation once I get a new radio set up for the FM birds currently in orbit. I can use my windows tablet to track satellites in real time.

I’m also working on eventually adding a UHF cross band repeater that will cross with my 900/220/or VHF radios with a 3 way switch so I can enable it, grab the XTS 5000 from my XTVA and cross band where ever I need.

Below you’ll find a couple videos and some photos of the work I’ve done thus far.