Yes… I’m Transgender

So I’ve had a few emails, a few comments asking me..

What is with your profile picture?

To make a very long story somewhat short…
I’ve been dealing with these feelings my entire life, I’ve repressed them, tried to convince myself it wasn’t true or just a ‘phase’.

However, I’m approaching 30 (last time I’ll mention my age…) and enough has been enough. To put it simply, I’ve never been happy with my assigned gender and I know at this point in my life that’s not going to change.

So it’s time to take my life into my own hands before depression, dysphoria and such do that for me.

My name is Sarah and I’m working towards moving forward with my life, my way. If you have a problem with that, I kindly suggest you get off my website and have a nice day.

Sarah R. Giddings

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