The 6M Mobile Mission

I’ve been working on planning the load-out for my mobile. I happen to be in one of those situations where I cannot freely setup a home shack so the mobile is going to have to do the job for now.

One of the many bands I plan to operate on happens to be 6m FM, a band I’ve never really messed with in the past.
There is a machine close enough to get into with pretty decent coverage from my understanding. So what am I going to use for my mobile?

How about a Motorola Maxtrac 100?

Thanks to the wonderful resource that is BatLabs I was able to quickly identify the RF board and the logic board to confirm I can not only convert this guy to 6m but also replace the control head with a unit that will allow 32 channel operation instead of the two channels it currently offers thanks to the information provided on repeater-builder.

I’ve already ordered the set screws that I’ll be using to re-tune the sensitivity of the front end, hopefully I can get to work on this in the near future.

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About the Author: Sarah Rose KR0SIV

Avid Amateur Radio Operator and Experimenter.